6 Secret Tips for Effective Weight Loss

6 Secret Tips for Effective Weight Loss

6 Secret Tips for Effective Weight Loss

Losing weight is not easy; it requires strong dedication and consistency to get rid of those excess fats. You may have tried plenty diet plans such as eat tons of fiber and protein and also conducts regular exercise; however, you do not see the satisfying result so far. You may think that your plan is not working; hold on, there is no need to give up because you can follow these 6 secret tips for effective weight loss or consume Bauer Nutrition high quality natural supplements to speed up the process.

1.Eat more healthy carbs

You may think that to lose weight, you need to avoid eating carbohydrate. It is actually not since you do not need to avoid carbohydrate; but, you need to consume healthy kind of carbohydrate. For example, shift white flour with whole wheat flour, white rice with brown rice, and such. You can also consume couscous, quinoa, and the like to fulfill the body need of carbohydrate. In addition, you should also avoid consuming high carb but empty calorie food such as snack, fast food, cookies, candy, and such thing.

2.Drink more water

The water here means pure water; it should be tasteless and colorless. If you want faster weight loss, you should also cut off sugary and high calories drink it includes fruit juice, soda, sports drink, and the like. Liquid calories are different from pure water since it gives you additional calories that you do not need. It is better to drink a glass of water before every meal to help you control the meal portions and appetite.

3.Healthy snacks

Diet does not mean that you cannot have some snack. In fact, some snack before a big meal can prevent you to starving and overeating. Obviously, the snack should be the healthy one such as pretzels, apples or any fruits, almonds, nuts, and etc. Leaving the stomach in starving will only make you think to eat bigger portion; therefore, small healthy snack in between meal time can save you from overeating.

4.No white stuff

White stuff means refined salt, sugar, and white flour or rice. These three ingredients will ruin the weigh loss plan. Switch the refined and artificial sugar with natural sweeteners such as stevia, maple syrup, and the like. Refined salt contains high sodium which not only makes your blood pressure increases but also makes the body retention to water.

5.Eat slowly

Dieting does not mean that you eat only less food; you should eat slowly. Your body will send the full signal to the brain after 20 minutes of eating. If you eat faster, your stomach is full but the brain still tells the body to eat; therefore, you end up eat more. Sit down and enjoy your meal slowly and stop eating when you are about 70% full.

6.Cheat meal plan

When you think that dieting will make you become a monk; well, it is completely wrong. You can still attend the party and gather with family even if you are on a diet. For once a week, plan a cheat day but make sure that you manage what you are eating.


Remember, eat what you normally eat such as fruit and vegetables and then eat slowly and stop eating when you are 80% full.

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