5 Reasons Why People Can’t Lose Weight

5 Reasons Why People Can’t Lose Weight

 5 Reasons Why People Can’t Lose Weight

Losing weight seems difficult for many people. Obese people have been trying hard to lose weight. However, the result isn’t quite good. Obesity and excess weight become serious health threats. It’s because they are prime risk factors for numerous disease such as cardiovascular problem, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

People these days are prone to obesity due to their bad habits. Why do they can’t lose weight fast? There are many factors that determine the success of losing weight.

  1. Poor Metabolism

Here’s the fact. People are aging. Their body is losing the quality of metabolism. They aren’t 22 anymore. Young people can easily reduce their weight. They only need to skip fast food. Also, they can work out during weekend regularly. As the result, they can fairly reduce weight in a matter of weeks.

What about those who are in their late 35s? They can still lose weight. However, it takes much longer than youngsters. Not to mention they should work really hard to achieve ideal weight. Old people burn fewer calories. Their metabolism quality continues to decrease. Reducing weight isn’t an impossible mission for old people, though.

  1. Poor Sleep Quality

Sleep also determines how well people can reduce weight. If they have poor sleep quality, they will be troublesome to get rid some pounds. People with excess stress can’t sleep well. Their busy activities build up stress. As the result, their body can’t burn calories normally. Lack of sleep is one of the reasons why people can’t reduce their weight. Not to mention they will eat more when they are distressed.

  1. Too Much Snacks

Having a family is a good thing. However, it triggers various troubles as well. For example, people become more concerned with food. They buy more snacks and extra food. They think that they must prepare some snacks just in case they have visitors or guests. Actually, this isn’t a bad idea. The only problem is that some family members can’t control their eating habit. They will eat those snacks carelessly. This only makes them fat. That means they can’t have a satisfactory result from a weight loss program.

  1. Too Much Calorie Intake

It’s a no-brainer. People can choose either to reduce their calorie intake. If they want to reduce weight, they must skip all unhealthy foods. Excess calorie intake leads to obesity. Not to mention people will be troubled in losing weight. The key is that they must burn more calories. Unfortunately, most of them don’t really care about it. They eat carelessly without thinking about calories.

  1. Focusing on Exercise Only

Each person is different. That means people have different metabolism quality than others. Some of them conduct a regular exercise. They think that it will be enough to burn calories. They expect a satisfying result of weight loss. Well, it’s not so fast. Burning calories with exercise are not enough.

People must have a better eating habit, too. Eating too many unhealthy foods makes the exercise useless. The best thing to do is to manipulate calories. The aim is to control the weight loss rate. People should focus on progression instead of focus on exercise.

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