5 Compulsory Detox Supplements for the Body


 5 Compulsory Detox Supplements for the Body

Body detox and weight loss are related. Basically, people get healthier if they conduct a regular detox. Even though their body can perform a natural detox process, they need to increase its efficacy. Taking detox supplements is one of the most reliable methods. These healthy nutrients help the body cleanse harmful chemicals. The simplest way to cleanse the body is to eat lots of vegetables and other fiber-rich organic diet. Here are some compulsory detox nutrients that people should have.

  1. Milk Thistle

Many people have realized how important milk thistle is. They can have a better liver health by consuming it. This herb contains antioxidant compounds. It’s called Silymarin. It prevents numerous harmful chemicals from damaging cell walls. It binds to liver cells, actually.

On top of that, it boosts glutathione levels and cell regeneration. Many studies have been conducted. The result is quite satisfying. Consuming milk thistle regularly can reduce liver toxicity. When it comes to the dose, people can have 125 mg milk thistle daily.

  1. Sulforaphane

It’s actually the nutrient that is found in cabbage and broccoli. Why is it important? Sulforaphane improves the excretion of fat-soluble toxins. It’s also able to detoxify harmful carcinogens. Not all people love to eat broccoli. In this case, they can either take 30 mg sulforaphane capsule supplement daily or drink a cup of tea with SGS.

  1. Rice Bran Fiber

The fact is that fiber can get rid toxins out of the body. However, not all fibers are the same. The best source is rice bran fiber. It binds well with PCBs and other types of industrial toxins. Studies have shown that people who consumed rice bran fiber daily are able to eradicate more toxins than those who don’t. When it is about the dose, 3 tablespoons powder of rice bran fiber is more than enough.

  1. Vitamin C

Needless to say, vitamin C is the greatest source of antioxidant. It can remove free radicals in the liver. As a matter of fact, vitamin C is a significant nutrient to detoxify the body. Not to mention it reduces risk for various health problems including gallstones.

According to experts, it also protects lung cells from damages caused by air-pollution. Basically, people require 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily. For active people, they may need more intakes. They can either consume fruits or Bauer Nutrition supplements to get vitamin C.

  1. Chlorella

This nutrient contains abundant chlorophyll. It’s a useful compound to keep industrial toxins away from the body. It’s also useful to cleanse the blood. According to experts, chlorella has good immune-boosting properties.

Many studies have shown that it is able to lower dioxin levels in the body significantly. Two scoops of chlorella is the most recommended dose. It can be taken daily.


In summary, the body is able to perform detoxification. Not all people have a good detox system, though. In this case, they need to get an improvement by consuming healthy nutrients and supplements. There are many types of detox supplements that people can have. They only need to find the most suitable one for their body. It’s because each person has a different preference regarding those detox supplements.

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